I’m a cross-functional, mixed-method user researcher and interaction experience designer. I’m currently involved in the democratization of space exploration technologies through improved UX.



AR Toolkit for Lunar Astronauts and Scientists

UX Researcher | HITL Coordinator; CLAWS
NASA SUITS Challenge 2020

Collaborative Lab Advancing Work in Space

IBM Developer

Need Assessment and Usability Evaluation

Project Manager | UX Research Consulting; infORMed design
Winter 2020

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Need Finding and Rapid Prototyping

UX Researcher | Interaction Designer; solo
Fall 2019

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GRDC Vacant Property Task Force

Contextual Inquiry and Affinity Analysis

Project Manager | UX Research Consulting; Interwalla
Fall 2019

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Featured in UX Collective

UX Scorecards: Quantifying and communicating the user experience

User experience scorecards are a great way to communicate usability metrics in a business sense.

Use heuristic evaluations prior to usability testing to improve ROI

Catch low-hanging fruit with heuristics so that users can reveal deeper insights in usability tests


Latest Posts

Learning UX Design with the Interaction Design Foundation – a review

In this post, I review one of my most trusted sources of information for UX courses and materials – the Interaction Design Foundation. The Interaction Design Foundation is one of my favorite websites and often the first place I go to when I turn to the internet to look up information about the user experience and interaction design.

Creating an A-Frame Lunar Analog Environment

As the resident UX researcher and human in the loop testing co-coordinator for CLAWS, it’s my responsibility to plan, facilitate, and analyze usability tests with real people to get feedback on our AR Toolkit for Lunar Astronauts and Scientists (ATLAS). Earlier this year, CLAWS participated in the NASA SUITS Challenge, the pandemic forced our schoolContinue reading “Creating an A-Frame Lunar Analog Environment”

Empathy and Ethics in UX

I don’t think we can have ethics without feminist ethics. However, let me preface this by saying that I mean intersectional feminism. Intersectional feminism asserts that all aspects of socio-political identities overlap. I was glad to see Alison Adam and Jacqueline Ofori-Amanfo dragging questionnaires and surveys just a little bit, while also advocating for ethnography andContinue reading “Empathy and Ethics in UX”

Ethnographic Archaeology: Iterative Prototyping in UX Research and Design

From the outset of the Stringer et al., paper I was a little put off by the mention that they had developed a form of UCD called, ‘curriculum-focused design’. In so far as curriculum is content, they just conducted user-research along with iterative prototyping. And I think this point is not beyond the authors otherwiseContinue reading “Ethnographic Archaeology: Iterative Prototyping in UX Research and Design”


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information anthropologist.

I came of age in the late 90’s learning how to hack and phreak through my Packard Bell’s dial-up and social networking through GeoCities Teen chat rooms.

After years of professional singing and tending bar in some of the swankiest joints around Detroit, I left the nightlife behind and obtained my BA in four-field anthropology from Wayne State University in Detroit.

I am currently pursuing graduate studies in human-computer interaction research and mixed reality at the University of Michigan School of Information in Ann Arbor.

I love MOOCs, books/audiobooks, the MCU, and rescue animals #AdoptDontShop. I’m a sometimes musician, and I still like to pwn noobs in WoW.