ATLAS – The Augmented Reality Toolkit for Lunar Astronauts and Scientists (Johnson; SUITS Challenge)
Methods – semi-structured interviews, game design, rapid prototyping, panel review, HITL
My Role(s) – lead ux researcher, prototyping, human in the loop coordinator

IBM Developer – Need Assessment & Usability Evaluation
Methods – interaction mapping, survey deployment, semi-structured interviews, persona development, heuristic evaluation, usability testing
My Role(s) – consultant, team lead, ux specialist

GRDC – Grandmont Rosedale Development Corporation
Methods – contextual inquiry, participant observation, artifact analysis, affinity diagramming (KJ technique), design thinking
My Role(s) – consultant, team lead, ux specialist

NPAS VUI – Conversation design; NASA Platform for Autonomous Systems (Stennis, X-Hab Challenge)
Methods – conversation design, user & system persona development, panel review, wizard of oz testing
My Role(s) – human-centered design and ux lead, conversation designer, usability specialist

FETCH – Social Media Animal Rescue (independent project)
Methods – sketching, storyboarding, persona development, design synthesis, QOC analysis, rapid prototyping, semi-structured interviews, usability testing
My Role(s) – interaction designer

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MDOS – Michigan Dept. of State (returning citizen voting initiative)
Methods – sketching, storyboarding, design synthesis, rapid prototyping, semi-structured interviews
My Role(s) – team lead, design thinking specialist