User experience research and design anthropologist focused on thick data and ethnography.

I’m Matt Garvin. A Master Student at the School of Information specializing in UX/HCI/Social Computing.

Before UX, I was a professional singer. Later, I tended bar before and during my tenure as a Four-Field Anthropology major at Wayne State University. There I worked as Peer Mentor and President of the Anthropology Learning Community.

Upon obtaining my BA, I entered the workforce as an Account Manager for a local Supply Chain Logistics firm until admittance to UMSI. Since then, I’ve specialized in UX Research and Design, Human-Computer Interaction, and Social Computing. I mastered coursework on Cognitive Psychology and Human Behavior, Interaction Design, Contextual Inquiry and UX Consulting, and Python Programming. I’m focused on Needs Assessment and Usability Evaluation, Graphic Design, and the Accessible Design of Complex Websites. I provided UX Consulting for the Grandmont Rosedale Development Corporation, and developed a mobile app concept to support a need in my community.

I’m currently providing UX Consulting for IBM Developer. And am a UX/UI Specialist and Human-in-the-Loop Usability Lab Testing Coordinator for SEDS@UM (Students for the Exploration and Development of Space), on the CLAWS (Compact Localized Augmented Workstation) and BLiSS (Bioastronautics and Life Support Systems) student research groups competing in the NASA SUITS and Moon to Mars Exploration Systems and Habitation (M2M X-HAB) Challenges.

What I do

Mixed Methods User Research

Human-Computer Interaction Design

Four-Field Applied Anthropology

Needs Assessment | Usability Evaluation

Recent Experiences

Student Usability Consultant | IBM Developer
(2020 – Current)
This semester my group has been paired with IBM Developer to conduct needs assessment and usability evaluation on a recently launched product. We’re using interaction mapping, user interviews, thematic analysis, competitive analysis, surveys, heuristic evaluation and usability testing.

Usability Lab Coordinator | SEDS@UM
(2019 – Current)
I’m working as a UX specialist and the Human-in-the-Loop Usability Lab Testing Coordinator for SEDS@UM on the CLAWS AR/MR interface designed to compete in the SUITS and eXploration Habitat Challenges. We are representing University of Michigan. Of the 21 student teams competing, ours is 1/10 invited to demo our system at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston this April.

Student UX Research Consultant | Grandmont Rosedale Dev. Corp
I led my team to conduct user research into the GRDC’s volunteer Vacant Property Task Force in order to develop and optimize documentation processes as the Task Force was set to be used as a model for other neighborhoods by the City of Detroit and its mission to cut down on vacant property, blight, and prevent tax foreclosure.