I do research in informatics and anthropology to study cultural transmission and the impact of design on behavior.

I’m currently finishing up my MS in Information (’21) at the University of Michigan School of Information in Ann Arbor, specializing in human-computer interaction and user experience. I hold a BA in Anthropology (’17) from Wayne State University in Detroit. I’m the Human-in-the-Loop coordinator for the Collaborative Lab Advancing Work in Space (CLAWS); the User Experience lead for the Bioastronautics and Life Support Systems (BLiSS) team; SOCHI Chair for World IA Day Ann Arbor; IxDF Ann Arbor chapter leader; and a member of the School of Information Writing Action Group.

I’m a Research Assistant for the Social Innovations Group at UMSI, and the incoming UI Architect and Research intern for the ExMC element of the Human Research Program at NASA’s Johnson Space Center.

My research interests include human-computer interaction; cyborg anthropology; cultural transmission; ICT4SG (information and communication technology for social good).

My thesis research, advised by Kentaro Toyama, attempts to address a research gap in designing technological interfaces to support astronaut autonomy. 

In earlier years, I was an aspiring rock star. A Michigan native from metro Detroit and raised on a farm in the Irish Hills.

What I do

User Research

Design Thinking

UX/Interaction Design

AR/VR/MR Prototyping

Recent Experiences

UI Architect & Research Intern | NASA ExMC Team
(Jan. 2021 – May 2021)

  • User research and interface design

Research Assistant | Social Innovations Group (SIG)
(Oct. 2020 – Current)

  • Text analysis for the ongoing project: SocioTechnical capital, employment, and economic mobility

UI/UX Lead | BLiSS
(Sept. 2020 – Current)
I’m working as a UI/UX lead for the Bioastronautics and Life Support Systems team at University of Michigan. Seven time winner of the NASA eXploration Habitat Challenge. We are working with the Autonomous Systems Lab at Stennis to design a voice management system for the Moon to Mars Gateway.

Interaction Design Consultant | MI Dept. of State
(Sept. 2020 – Current)

  • Conducting user research, iterative design sprints, usability evaluation to improve voter turnout among communities with historically low engagement

UX Research Intern | Tyler Technologies
(May – August 2020)

  • Built sitemaps and conducted heuristic evaluations on 3 closely related products.
  • Validated key design changes for a crucial products by determining improvements in speed/accuracy with Fitts’s Law.
  • Recruited, scheduled, and facilitated remote usability testing on a new prototype.
  • Engaged in weekly UX Clinic, Virtual Standup, and Design Review.

Usability Consultant | IBM Developer
(Jan – May 2020)

  • Performed need assessment
    • Created an interaction map
    • Conducted user interviews
    • Performed competitive cnalysis
    • Deployed a survey
  • Conducted usability evaluations
    • Completed heuristic evaluation
    • Ran a usability test

Human in the loop/Usability Lab Coordinator | CLAWS
(Dec. 2019 – Current)
I’m working as a UX specialist and the Human-in-the-Loop Usability Lab Testing Coordinator for SEDS@UM on the CLAWS AR/MR interface designed to compete in the SUITS and eXploration Habitat Challenges. We are representing University of Michigan. Of the 21 student teams competing, ours is 1/10 invited to demo our system at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston this April.

UX Research Consultant | GRDC
(Sept – Dec. 2019)
I led my team to conduct user research into the GRDC’s volunteer Vacant Property Task Force in order to develop and optimize documentation processes as the Task Force was set to be used as a model for other neighborhoods by the City of Detroit and its mission to cut down on vacant property, blight, and prevent tax foreclosure.

I love taking MOOCS. In recent years, I’ve begun to collect course certificates, which are listed below.

Matt Garvin

Cross-functional mixed methods user-experience research designer with a background in anthropology and human-computer interaction

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