I do research in informatics and anthropology to study cultural transmission and the impact of design on behavior.

I’m currently finishing up my MSI (’21) at the University of Michigan School of Information in Ann Arbor, specializing in human-computer interaction and user experience. I hold a BA in Anthropology (’17) from Wayne State University in Detroit. I’m the UI Architect and Research intern for the ExMC element of the Human Research Program at NASA’s Johnson Space Center.

My research interests include human-computer interaction; cyborg anthropology; cultural transmission; ICT4SG (information and communication technology for social good).

My thesis research, advised by Kentaro Toyama, attempts to address a research gap in designing technological interfaces to support astronaut autonomy. 

In earlier years, I was an aspiring rock star. A Michigan native from metro Detroit and raised on a farm in the Irish Hills.

I love taking MOOCS. In recent years, I’ve begun to collect course certificates, which are listed below.