HCI, the democratization of space exploration, and bioastronautics

University of Michigan School of Information Master’s Thesis Letter of Intent Project Title Ethnographic Encounters of the HCI kind in Bioastronautics Researcher Matthew Garvin Faculty Advisor Kentaro Toyama Date 4.14.2020 Research Plan Problem Statement Bioastronautics is a branch of aerospace engineering that specializes in the study and support of life in space. Bioastronautics researchers areContinue reading “HCI, the democratization of space exploration, and bioastronautics”

Need Assessment and Usability | IBM Developer

Introduction IBM Developer is the rebranded platform (previously known as developerWorks) for developers to use and explore various resources, from coding patterns to live-stream tutorials and articles from experts. IBM Developer also offers community-related outlets for developers to meet and engage via live-streaming, blog, podcasts, and newsletters. Goals The primary goals of this project areContinue reading “Need Assessment and Usability | IBM Developer”