Matthew Garvin

UX Research, Design, Strategy


Artisan E-Commerce
Research | Strategy

See how I lead field research and facilitate a co-design workshop to uncover needs and requirements for an opensource artisanal e-commerce platform.

Web UI Redesign for NASA
Research | DesignOps

See how I manage multiple stakeholders to introduce human-centered design into NASA’s model-based systems engineering and transform DesignOps for the future of human spaceflight.

UX Strategy for IBM
Research | Strategy | Design

See how I lead my team to uncover IBM Developer’s competitive advantage among the mysterious “cloud developer”.

Fire Records Management Usability Test
Research | Design

See how I facilitate a usability test to validate a new Fire RMS with user data.

UX Report: Digital Transformation for Non-profit
Research | Strategy

See how I lead my team to outline a digital transformation strategy to reduce blight in Detroit.



Simply put, Matt’s work greatly improved the usability and presentation of information to our diverse user community (engineers, scientists, researchers, physicians, nurses, and pharmacists). Without his efforts, the information would still be engineer-focused, and that doesn’t help our stakeholders. Matt also developed a design system along with documentation to guide us going forward, so that all of our future models use similar formats, patterns, and colors. In just two months, there are a number of different models using the design system, which attests to its vale. Put bluntly, I highly recommend Matt, I would recommend hiring him, and I would contract his services when needed.

Jefferey R. Cohen | MBSE Team Lead ExMC at NASA

Matt’s perspective on how he looks at implementation is just so refreshing. He knows his material, comes well-prepared, and gives great presentations. The work he and his team did for us will serve as an important baseline for developing voice interactions for NPAS (NASA Platform for Autonomous Systems) going forward.

Dr. Lauren Underwood | Project Manager Autonomous Systems Lab at NASA