Custom UX research solutions

to produce actionable insights

backed by data


Need Assessment

Do you know what your user’s need? Typically this is the first question you’ll have to answer. There’s a variety of methods through which to find out. Let’s choose the right one for you.

Competitive Analysis

What are your competitors doing? What are they not doing? This is a suitable method to perform at any phase of your design cycle. This is not the same analysis as your marketing department.

Usability Evaluation

Get expert reviews like heuristic analysis or a cognitive walkthrough, recruit actual users to test out your product remotely, in their context of use, or in a usability lab.

UX Strategy & Sprint Consulting

Design sprints are the fastest way to improve the UX of your product. But they’re not for everyone. Let’s discuss your needs and come up with customized solutions just right for you.

Case Studies

IBM Developer

We consulted for IBM Developer to generate insights on their recently rebranded and relaunched website catering to software developers.

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Grandmont Rosedale Dev. Corp.

We consulted for GRDC, conducting a contextual inquiry into their volunteer Vacant Property Task Force to update information and documentation management.

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Let’s design something great together.

Matt Garvin

Information researcher interested in Human-Computer Interaction, AR/MR/VR, and Cyborg Anthropology

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