Matthew Garvin

UX Research, Design, Strategy

UX Research Portfolio

Matt Garvin

Mixed-Methods, Usability Expert

I leverage my background in anthropology, human-computer interaction, and information systems to provide leading edge approaches to user research and more impactful insights driven by data.

[LOADING] E-Commerce Artisanal Futures Co-Design Workshop
[LOADING] Stepper Usability Benchmarking for a Fire Agency Records Management System
Need Assessment and Usability Benchmarking of a Cloud Development Platform
Contextual Inquiry for a Digital Transformation Strategy in a NPO’s Volunteer Property Task Force
[LOADING] Rapid Iterative Testing and Evaluation to Optimize Model-Based Systems Engineering Milestone Reviews of Medical Systems for Human Spaceflight

In the works…

Detroit Food Hub Asset Mapping

Scandinavian Study Abroad Website Usability


I’m available for new projects. Drop me a line, and let’s create something new.