Hi. I'm Matt. :)

I’m a cross-functional user researcher and experience designer. I employ an interdisciplinary, mixed method approach along with Design Thinking to solve wicked problems, driven by data.

Latest Work

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Use heuristic evaluations prior to usability testing to improve ROI
Two laptops opened on a desk, the hands of two men shown as they coordinate over a piece of paper.
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UX scorecards: Quantify and communicate the user experience
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ATLAS (Augmented Toolkit for Lunar Astronauts and Scientists) | AR Design for NASA SUITS & X-Hab

ATLAS Brand banner image by me

    My Role

    UX Researcher,
    Human-in-the-loop testing Coordinator

    Main Goal

    Develop a modular augmented reality suite of tools for Artemis astronauts conducting EVA’s on the Moon


    Creating an A-Frame Lunar Analog Environment

    As the resident UX researcher and human in the loop testing co-coordinator for CLAWS, it’s my responsibility to plan, facilitate, and analyze usability tests with real people to get feedback on our AR Toolkit for Lunar Astronauts and Scientists (ATLAS). Earlier this year, CLAWS participated in the NASA SUITS Challenge, the pandemic forced our schoolContinue reading “Creating an A-Frame Lunar Analog Environment”

    Needs Assessment and Usability Evaluation | IBM Developer

    Screenshot of the IBM Developer homepage

    My Role

    Project Manager,
    UX Researcher,
    Usability Tester

    Main Goal

    Collect and analyze user data to generate insights and identify opportunity areas.

    Fetch | Social Toolkit for Animal Rescue

    Fetch – a mobile app concept to rescue animals

    My Role

    UX Researcher,
    Interaction Designer,
    Usability Tester

    Main Goal

    Leverage social media to support individual and organizational animal rescue efforts.

    Contextual Inquiry in the GRDC Vacant Property Task Force

    GRDC Landing page

    My Role

    Project Manager,
    UX Researcher

    Main Goal

    Improve documentation and reporting procedures for a successful volunteer program.

    In the Works…

    World IA Day Ann Arbor 2021

    As SOCHI Chair for World IA Day I am the organizer for the 10th annual World IA Day in Ann Arbor. This is a special event at U of M. Not only is Claude Shannon, the father of Information Theory, a U of M alum, but Information Architecture or IA, was invented at UMSI.

    The role of HCI in the democratization of space exploration and bioastronautics

    I will be conducting an ethnographic field study, taking advantage of my position in CLAWS to utilize participant observation in order to better understand and conceptualize the role of human-computer interaction in the democratization of space exploration and bioastronautics.

    VEGA (Voiced Entity for Guiding Astronauts) | Conversational AI

    Astronauts, whether on the ISS, moon, or other EVA, frequently need both hands free to complete mission tasks. Inspired by Iron Man’s JARVIS, VEGA leverages conversational AI methods to provide the user with hands-free access to any necessary information. The system can provide the status on the astronaut’s suit supplies or the astronaut’s bioinformatics. The user can also inquire more information about their next tasks. A stretch goal of this project is to integrate VEGA with a system such as ATLAS.

    “Design needs a new relationship with the world, one that is more focused on our planet’s needs.”

    Yves Behar

    “Design is the intermediary between information and understanding.”

    hans hoffman