Hi. I'm Matt. :)

Information researcher interested in Human-Computer Interaction, AR/MR/VR, and Cyborg Anthropology

Latest Work

Contextual Inquiry | Grandmont Rosedale Development Corporation

GRDC’s Vacant Property Task Force sought IS consulting in order to develop and optimize documentation processes to preserve their strategies for reducing blight and preventing tax foreclosure in their community. I led my team on exploratory research to identify both short and long term actionable recommendations.

Fetch | Mobile Concept

Identifying a need in my community surrounding animal welfare and rescue, I employed user research and iterative Design Thinking. Through this process, I conceptualized a set of tools to support animal rescue fundraising, volunteer recruitment and coordination.

ATLAS (Augmented Toolkit for Lunar Astronauts and Scientists) | AR Design for NASA SUITS & X-Hab

I am a UX researcher and human-in-the-loop coordinator for this ongoing project. Due to COVID-19, our lab and campus were closed. As a result my test plan was scrapped. We produced our deliverable for NASA SUITS adhering to usability principles and best practices with overwhelmingly positive feedback.

In the next school year, we are reorganizing around virtual collaboration and are developing the capability to remotely test AR interfaces.

Needs Assessment and Usability Evaluation | IBM Developer

I led my team of consultants on a project for IBM Developer to gain insights into how users were experiencing the new site’s (launched 4 months prior to our start date) information architecture and overall usability, and uncover pain points related to the UI.

In the Works…

The role of HCI in the democratization of space exploration and bioastronautics

Advised by Kentaro Toyama, I will be conducting an ethnographic field study, taking advantage of my position in CLAWS to utilize participant observation in order to better understand and conceptualize the role of human-computer interaction in the democratization of space exploration and bioastronautics.

VEGA (Voiced Entity for Guiding Astronauts) | Conversational AI

Astronauts, whether on the ISS, moon, or other EVA, frequently need both hands free to complete mission tasks. Inspired by Iron Man’s JARVIS, VEGA leverages conversational AI methods to provide the user with hands-free access to any necessary information. The system can provide the status on the astronaut’s suit supplies or the astronaut’s bioinformatics. The user can also inquire more information about their next tasks. A stretch goal of this project is to integrate VEGA with a system such as ATLAS.

“Design needs a new relationship with the world, one that is more focused on our planet’s needs.”

Yves Behar

“Design is the intermediary between information and understanding.”

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Matt Garvin

Information researcher interested in Human-Computer Interaction, AR/MR/VR, and Cyborg Anthropology

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